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Kinesio Tape: How it Works.

Kinesio Tape: How it Works

Although the tape itself is not new, Kinesio Tape is becoming more popular each year, for protecting, supporting and healing joints, muscles and other areas of the body. Therapists are trained to properly use the tape by certified instructors who fully understand the uses of the tape.

The tape itself is made from light-weight cotton and is hypoallergenic. The backing consists of a medical-grade adhesive that is heat-activated and the overall thickness and weight of this tape approximates that of human skin. The tape is also latex-free.

Kinesio tape extends to 30%-40% of its length when it is stretched out, allowing it to support muscles and joints while is still allows them to properly move. When applied properly, it does not restrict the range of motion like other sports tapes do.

Who Uses Kinesio Tape?

Sports managers and trainers are not the only ones using this revolutionary tape. It is also used by  physicians, occupational therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, and manual therapists. It has been used for disparate problems, from turf toe to TMJ.

How Does Kinesio Tex Gold Tape Work?

When it is applied, the tape pulls on the upper skin layers, which creates more space between the muscle and dermis. It is believed that this space relieves some pressure on lymph channels, which creates better lymph drainage.

Kinesio Tape over a cut-away drawing of the skin layers.

Kinesio Tape gently lifts the skin.

When the space between muscle and epidermis is compressed, as it is with injuries, nerve receptors are also compressed. They send information onto the brain, which the brain reacts to by sending out signals telling the body how it should respond. Kinesio Tape alters that information so that the body does not react as strongly.

It is also believed that Kinesio Tape affects tissues found deeper within the body. The muscles can contract more easily, allowing for better muscle function. The taping also improves the alignment of joints and can be helpful in the reduction of poor joint function, since it influences joint mobility and opposing muscle groups.

Lymph and fascia are inter-related, since fascia separates and divides muscles and organs, providing support. The lymphatic system removes chemical substances and fluids within muscles. Their channels pass between muscle and bone and between muscle and skin. When lymphatic flow is increased or restricted, fluid accumulation occurs and this results in a swelling that will decrease the amount of space between the skin and muscle. This causes the body to react to the painful stimulus.

How Does the Kinesio Taping Method Work to Support and Heal?

Athletes use Kinesio taping to treat and support injured joints and muscles. Anyone can benefit from the use of the tape, the latest iteration known as Kinesio Tex Gold FP, since it gently lifts the skin in a way that allows body fluids to move more freely and easily throughout the muscles.

With conventional taping, entire parts of limbs are taped, which prevents strain but also restricts movement. It also impedes circulation and slows down your body’s ability to heal itself. Kinesio Tape allows full movement and does not isolate or restrict a muscle or joint. As you move your joints, the fascia moves a bit away from muscles and allows lymphatic fluids to flow through and “clean out” the tissue that was inflamed.

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